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September 2007

Volume XXVII, No. 3

Alas, Sarmatian Review has to raise its subscription rates. The present subscription rates barely cover the price of printing and postage. They do not cover office expenses, records maintenance, copyediting fees, web presence, and other expenses necessary for us to deliver a quality publication. There have been several postage increases over the years that we absorbed without raising subscription rates. In fact, our subscription rates remained unchanged for almost twenty years. Therefore, starting with January 1, 2008, we have to raise the rates as follows:

One-year subscription in North America_________________$21.00 individuals, $28.00 institutions and libraries

One-year subscription overseas ________________________$28.00 individuals, $35.00 institutions and libraries

Prepayment of subscriptions will, of course, be honored. If you pay your 2008 subscription now, the price will remain at $15.00 for individuals regardless of how many years you wish to prepay.

Special Polish issue of Chesterton Review
The Spring/Summer 2007 issue of Chesterton Review is dedicated to Poland. The price of the issue is $25.00 plus postage. Subscription information is available through the Editorial Office at:, or by phone at 973-275-2431. Chesterton Review is a Catholic quarterly by the Chesterton Institute at Seton Hall University.

New American publishing house interested in Polish experience in the Second World War
Aquila Polonica is the name of a new publishing enterprise formed by lawyer Terry Tegnazian of Los Angeles, and marketing and web design specialist Stefan Mucha of the United Kingdom. It seeks to make known to the world works of fiction and scholarship dealing with Polish struggle against the double enemy in the Second World War. The launching of this enterprise took place in Los Angeles on 28 April 2007, in the presence of Poland’s First Lady Maria Kaczyńska. See <>

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