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Thank You Note

September 2002

Volume XXII, No. 3

The Sarmatian Review would like to thank the following individuals and institutions for their donations to the Sarmatian Review Publication Fund:

Mr. Norman Boehm and Dr. Aleksandra Ziólkowska Boehm; Mr. Jim Burns; Mr. John Conrad; Col. Francis C. Kajencki, US Army (Ret.); Mr. & Mrs. Jan & Hanna Karon; The Kosciuszko Foundation southern New England Chapter; Dr. Wallace J. and Mrs. Mary F. Kosinski; Mr. Leonard M. Krazynski, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland in Houston,and Mrs. Diane Krazynski; Ms. Caroline G. Ryzak; Ms. Aurellia Sobczyk; Mr. Stanley J. and Mrs. Stella Wlodarczyk; Mr. William J. and Mrs. Karen R. Zoltowicz.

Thank you--we rely on your support.

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