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April 2008

Volume XXVIII, No. 2

Slovenian-born Mary Grabar teaches English at Emory University and Georgia Perimeter College. Her short stories and poetry have been published in The Pedestal Magazine, The Saint Ann's Review, Ballyhoo Stories,and elsewhere.

John M. Grondelski (PhD, Fordham) is an independent scholar living in Washington, D.C. He was formerly Associate Dean of the School of Theology at Seton Hall University in New Jersey.

John F. X. Knasas is Professor of Philosophy at the Center for Thomistic Studies, University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas.

Michael J. Mikoś is Profesor of Slavic Languages at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. His new book, Polish Literature from 1918 to 2000, will be published in 2008.

Anna Muller is a graduate student in history at Indiana University.

Stanisław of Skarbimierz was appointed Chancellor of Jagiellonian University in 1400. He assisted Polish representative Paweł Włodkovic at the Council of Konstanz (1414-1418) where Poland argued her case against the Teutonic Knights bent on seizing Polish territory.

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