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    Thank You Note

April 2007

Volume XXVII, No. 2

The Sarmatian Review Publication Fund wishes to thank the following individuals and institutions for their donations in January and February 2007:

Mr. John Conrad and Ms. Barbara Weiss; Ms. Halina Kallaby of ELITE TRAVEL, INC.; Mr. James Krysiak; Mr. Walter Kuskowski; Professor Michael J. Mikoś and Mrs. Susan G. Mikoś; Dr. Chester F. Natunewicz and Mrs. Mary Ann Natunewicz; Ms. Elzbieta J.Sepich; Mr. Stanley J. Wlodarczyk and Mrs. Stella Wlodarczyk.

Donors are acknowledged in the Thank You Note. Donations of $100.00 or more are acknowledged by a letter outlining recent publicity about Sarmatian Review. Donors who donate $5,000.00 or more will become Sponsors of one or several issues, and will be acknowledged on the Masthead Page of issues they have sponsored.

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