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Thank you note

April 2005

Volume XXV, No. 2

We would like to thank the following persons and institutions for their generous donations to the tax-deductible SARMATIAN REVIEW Publication Fund:

Professor Marek Jan Chodakiewicz; Mr. John Conrad and Ms. Barbara Weiss; Professor Anna R. Dadlez and Mr. Tomasz M. Dadlez; Ms. Halina Kallaby of ELITE TRAVEL, INC.; Ms. Jadwiga Henderson; Mr. and Mrs. Jan and Hanna Karon; Mr. Ryszard Kowalczuk and Ms. Janina Kowalczuk; Dr. Walter Kuskowski; Drs. Martin Lukas Lawera and Aleksandra Lawera; Professor Michael J. Mikoś and Mrs. Susan G. Mikoś; Dr. Chester F. and Ms. Mary Ann Natunewicz; Dr. Kaya M. Ploss of the AMERICAN CENTER FOR POLISH CULTURE; Ms. Elzbieta J. Sepich; Mr. Raymond Sowinski and Mrs. Ursula K. Sowinski; Ms. Irena Szwede of SZWEDE SLAVIC BOOKS; Mr. Stanley J. and Ms. Stella Wlodarczyk; Mr. William J. Zoltowicz and Ms. Karen R. Zoltowicz.


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