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April 2003

Volume XXIII, No. 2

Angelika Eder, of the Goethe-Institut in München, Germany, conducted scholarly work at the Forschungsstelle für Zeitgeschichte at the University of Hamburg. Her scholarly work centers on the Displaced Persons problem in the Second World War. She is the author of Flüchtige Heimat. Jüdische Displaced Persons in Landsberg am Lech 1945-1950 (München, 1998).

Richard J. Hunter, Jr. is Professor of Legal Studies at Seton Hall University. He is a coauthor (with Leo V. Ryan, C.S.V.), of From Autarchy to Market (Westport, CT, 1998).

Steven Kaminski is Director of Membership Services for the Society for College and University Planning, an affiliate of the University of Michigan's School of Education, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Neal Pease is Associate Professor of History at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. His essay on "'This Troublesome Question': The United States and the ‘Polish Pogroms' of 1918-1919" in Modern East Central Europe in Its European context: Essays in honor of Piotr S. Wandycz, is forthcoming from Greenwood (2003).

Zofia Ptasnik was a Polish housewife deported by the Soviets to slave labor in Kazakhstan in 1940. She died of malnutrition and overwork in 1941.

Leo V. Ryan, C.S.V., is Professor and Dean Emeritus at DePaul University. He is a coauthor (with Wojciech W. Gasparski) of Human Action in Business: Praxiological and Ethical Dimensions (New Brunswick, NJ: 1996).

Dariusz Skórczewski is a Kosciuszko Teaching Fellow at Rice University. He is the author of Spory o krytyke literacka w dwudziestuleciu miedzywojennym (Kraków, 2002).

Andrzej Wajda is an Oscar-winning film director. His films include The Promised Land, Man ofMarble, Pan Tadeusz, and Vengeance.

Aleksandra Ziólkowska-Boehm is a popular writer and journalist. Among her interviewees are Zbigniew Brzezinski and Isaac Bashevis Singer.

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