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April 2002

Volume XXII, No. 2


In the BOOKS section of the January 2002 issue of Sarmatian Review (vol. XX:1), a reviewer incorrectly identified Barry Keane's translation of The Dismissal of the Greek Envoys by Jan Kochanowski as "the first English translation of Kochanowski's remarkable play." Keane's translation was preceded by Ruth Merrill's translation in Poems by Jan Kochanowski (edited by G.R. Noyes, 1928), and by my own translation in Polish Renaissance Literature: An Anthology (1995).

Michael Mikos, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

We apologize for not having caught this mistake. Ed.

Compliments department

In your review of Geraldine Glodek's Nine Bells at the Breaker (SR, vol. XXII:1), you bring out what we were directly aware of in working with the novel, Glodek's skill and attentiveness in the telling of her characters' story, but also, beyond that, aspects of the real world revealed and illuminated by the author's vision. Thanks for making a place for the book and for Sally Boss's deep reading of it.

Brian Treadway, Editor-Publisher, The Barn Peg Press (

I enclose my subscription dues and a donation, together with a sincere expression of admiration for the entire editorial board.

Andrew S. Ehrenkreutz, Mooroolbark, Victoria, Australia

Professor A.S. Ehrenkreutz was editor of Studium Papers, an American quarterly on Polish affairs published in the 1970s and 80s. Ed.

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