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All the Mornings of the World

Marta Fox

Translated by Anna Gasienica-Byrcyn

All the Mornings of the World

Do all the mornings of the world pass irreversibly?
Do you really believe that Miró?

Then explain please why there is still inside me
that morning when you painted mysterious
creating a woman and a bird and the moon and
felt every movement of your brush on my arm
as if you rubbed me against the canvas
me into a woman setting my eyes
in the starry night created by you

Miró explain why a different morning
didn't pass inside me when with a help of
a thread you drew you led me from the
of hate and I became free
existing in freedom like the sun and the rain

Miró time passes irreversibly
only when it does not sculpt touch ring hurt
It covers with dust and ugly scars
Only trivial happenings that do not deserve
any better

Translated by Anna Gasienica-Byrcyn

Marta Fox, "Wszystkie poranki swiata," Nie jestem która wszystko zniesie (Katowice: Forum Sztuk, 1999), 5. Translated by permission.

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