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April 2002

Volume XXII, No. 2

Jolanta W. Best teaches philosophy at the Houston Community College System.

Marek Chodakiewicz is an Assistant Professor of History at the University of Virginia.

Bogdan Czaykowski is a Polish poet and emeritus Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of British Columbia.

Robert A. Davies is an editor of Mr. Cogito, now online (; his book-length poem Timber was published in March 2002.

Anna Gasienica-Byrcyn, a recent UIC PhD, teaches Polish at the University of Illinois-Chicago and at Oakton College.

Steven Clancy, a recent UNC PhD, teaches Slavic Languages at the University of Chicago.

Leszek Karpinski is a Western European Languages Bibliographer, emeritus, at the University of British Columbia..

Zofia Ptasnik was a Polish housewife and diarist who died in 1941 while working as a slave laborer for the Soviets in Kazakhstan.

Juliusz Slowacki (1809-1849) is a Polish Romantic poet.

Christopher Adam Zakrzewski is a Canadian author and translator. He has recently completed a new translation of Adam Mickiewicz's Pan Tadeusz.

Aleksandra Ziólkowska-Boehm is a Polish author and journalist.

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