I read the September 1998 issue of the Sarmatian Review with great interest. Congratulations on your brilliant editorial work. I particularly liked Alex Kurczaba's "East Central Europe and Multiculturalism in the American Academy." Nevertheless I have to object to his statement on p. 566 that "The collapse of the Soviet empire [was] an event no American Slavist predicted (Zbigniew Brzezinski being a rare exception)." For the sake of historical accuracy, I have to state that already in 1970, I gave a lecture titled "Death of the Soviet Regime" at the Russian Research Center at Harvard University. The same lecture was delivered at Cambridge University in England in 1971 and 1979. The text of the lecture (titled "Death of the Soviet Regime: a Study in American Sovietology. by a Historian") was published in Studies in Soviet Thought. In 1980, I updated this study and delivered it as a paper at the International Slavic Congress at Garmish; titled "The Future of Soviet Russia," it was published in Coexistence: An International Journal (Glasgow 1982).

M.K.Dziewanowski, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

The author's most recent book is the Chinese edition of his History of Soviet Russia (1996, 5th edition).

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