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In Houston, Polish Periodicals
can be perused at Rice University's Fondren Library. Among others, the Fondren Library has Kultura (AP54 K85), Teksty Drugie ( PN9 T44), Studia Historyczne (DK4010 S75), Tygodnik Solidarnosc (DK4010 T93), Nowa Res Publica (DK4010 R47). Current issues are available in the Periodicals Room, back issues are in the stacks.

Teksty Drugie is the leading Polish quarterly on literary theory and criticism. Nowa Res Publica is a somewhat pretentious neocon imitation, aspiring to being The New Republic and an academic quarterly at the same time. Kultura is a prestigious emigre monthly, increasingly leftward-looking. Studia Historyczne is a fine historical quarterly published by the Polish Academy of Science. Tygodnik Solidarnosc is the best Polish cultural weekly with a distinctly non-communist flavor. Come and enjoy.

Kajencki on Grzelachowski
Col. Francis C. Kajencki, founder of the SOUTHWEST POLONIA PRESS (a SR subscriber, of course!) has written an informative piece on Alexander Grzelachowski, a Pole who came to New Mexico in 1850, married Secundina C. de Baca, and fathered at least two daughters, Emma and Adelina, who subsequently married into New Mexican families. Grzelachowski was noted for his hospitality. He once invited the local sheriff, his posse and Billy the Kid (just captured!) to a dinner of wild turkey in his home in Puerto de Luna. Efforts are now under way to preserve the Grzelachowski home for its historical value. This and more can be found in Kajencki's article "Polish immigrant lives on through legend of the Kid," New Mexico, Vol. 71, No. 9 (September 1993).

To Our Subscribers
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