I would like to comment on Attorney Theodore Jakaboski's letter (SR, XII/2, 1992) and the editorial comment following it. I am not an enthusiast of the Polish University in Vilnius... It seems to me that it would be more useful to urge Poles in Lithuania to sign up for Polish courses at the Lithuanian university, and to major in Polish subjects at that university. It would be most valuable if chairs of Polish studies were funded by Polish organizations at the University of Vilnius which after all had been founded by the Polish King Stefan Bathory. By trying to draw students of Polish background to the Polish university, we trivialize the need to finance Polish studies at the "mainstream" university in Vilnius. This is precisely our problem in the United States also. I remember all too well the wasting of millions of dollars to maintain Alliance College and the mediocre education it offered....

(name and address withheld at the writer's request)

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