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January 2007

Volume XXVII, No. 1

Poles are not the only ones considering emigration

Percentage of British citizens who have considered moving abroad: 54 percent.
Percentage of British citizens who want to emigrate “in the near future”: 13 percent, or double the number asked the question in 2003.

Percentage of British youth who said they wanted to live abroad: 25 percent.

Reasons for emigration: a better quality of life, better weather, and a feeling that the UK is too expensive.

Countries to which the British want to emigrate: Australia, Spain, Canada, New Zealand, and the U.S.

Actual number of people who emigrated in 2004: 350,000.

Source: July 2006 poll commissioned by BBC, as reported by BBC News, <>, as of 2 August 2006.

Number of British citizens who live overseas at least part of the year: 14 million.

Source: Minister Lord Triesman, BBC News,
<>, as of 2 August 2006.

Agricultural land prices in Poland

Average price of one hectare (2.2 acres) of agricultural land in Poland in 2006: 10,500 Zl, or 2,500 euro (equivalent to the price of land in Sweden two years ago).

Source: Rzeczpospolita, 8 July 2006.


List of Poles who made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq from mid-2003 to mid-2006

Pvt. 1st class Krystian Andrzejczak
Pvt. 1st class Roman Góralczyk Warrant officer 1st class Paweł Jelonek
Capt. Jacek Kostecki

Warrant officer 2nd class Marek Krajewski

Corp. 1st class Tomasz Krygiel

Maj. Hieronim Kupczyk

Pvt. Sylwester Kutrzyk

2nd lieutenant Piotr Mazurek

Pvt. 1st class Grzegorz Nosek
2nd lieutenant Daniel Ro«yński
Pvt. 1st class Grzegorz Rusinek

Corp. Marcin Rutkowski
Capt. Sławomir Stró«ak
Warranty officer Karol Szlązak

Pvt. 1st class Gerard Wasilewski

Pvt. 1st class Andrzej Zielke

Former GROM operator unit JW 2305-name unidentified
Former GROM operator unit JW 2305-name unidentified Waldemar Milewicz (civilian-journalist)
Mounyra Beouamrane (civilian-journalist).

Source:, as of September 1, 2006.

Birthrates and childless households in EU in 2005

Average birthrate in EU per 1,000 inhabitants: 10.5.
Five lowest birthrates in EU: Germany, 8.6; Latvia, 8.8; Lithuania, 8.9; Slovenia, 9.0; Poland, 9.3. Percentage of households with no children: Finland, 76 percent; Germany, 75 percent; Denmark, 74 percent; Austria, 70 percent; Netherlands, 69 percent. EU average: 67 percent.

Source: Eurostat, as reported by Jeffrey Fleischman in Los Angeles Times, 14 September 2006.

That famous Dutch spirit of religious tolerance

Years during which it was illegal for any church building in Amsterdam to be used for Catholic worship: 1581-1785.

Source: Thomas Basil, “Contrasts in Christendom: Red Lights
in Amsterdam, Neon in Malta,”
New Oxford Review,
vol. LXXIII, no. 9 (October 2006), 35.

Great powers and human rights

Number of racist attacks in the Russian Federation during the first six months of 2006: over 100.
Number of deaths of victims: 18.

Source: Sova Human Rights Center, as reported by Jonas Bernstein
in Russia Reform Monitor, no. 1387 (10 July 2006).

Number of documented lynchings in the United States between 1882-1930: 2,805.
Number of whites among the victims: several hundred.

Source: Stewart E. Tolnay and E. M. Beck, A Festival of Violence: An Analysis of the
Lynchings of African Americans in the American South,

1882-1930 (Univ. of Illinois Press, 1995).

A vignette of Polish losses, or the price of colonialsm to the colonized

Number of Polish medieval parchment documents found by an American soldier in a destroyed German train in 1945: 11.
Content of documents: administrative acts of Polish kings including a permit to build a hospital issued by King Władysław Łokietek (1260-1333).

Reason the issue has recently resurfaced: the documents were returned to Poland.

Source: Michal Jankowski in Donosy, no. 4265 (1 September 2006).

Bribery in Russia

Percentage of Russians who have admitted to paying bribes: 50 percent.
Bribe giving by age: 53 percent of people under 25, and 61-64 percent of people ages 25-44 have given bribes.

Bribe takers by profession: paramedics (51 percent), traffic cops (31 percent), education workers (20 percent), regular policemen (16 percent), draft board officials (7 percent).

Source: All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (BTsIOM), as
reported by Russia Reform Monitor of the American Foreign
Policy Council, no. 1388 (23 June 2006).

Internet News

Number of email messages sent each day worldwide in 2006: 50 billion, of which 88 percent are junk and 1 percent are virus-infected.
Number of available Internet addresses in 2006: 4 billion (based on 16-bit numbers).

Planned number of Internet addresses: 340,282,366,920,938,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, or 340 undecillion, 282 decillion, 366 ninillion, 920 octillion, 938 septillion (based on 32-bit numbers).

Software said to be the first to be compatible with the new system: Vista of Microsoft Windows, to be released in 2007.

Source: Jonathan Richards in The Times of London, 15 July 2006.

Internet use in Germany

Percentage of Germans who use the Internet regularly: 58 percent.
Percentage of young Germans who use the Internet: 90 percent.

Percentage of senior citizens who use the Internet: 33 percent.

Source: Deutsche Welle, as reported by UPI, 5 August 2006.

A revolutionary blows up monument, or history repeats itself in Russia

Name of tsar whose monument was blown up by a “leftist extremist” in 2006: Nicholas II. Name of Russian who blew up the monument: Andrei Gubkin. Length of sentence Gubkin received from the Moscow court in August 2006: 19 years.

Source: UPI (Moscow), 31 August 2006.

Catholic facts and figures

Net decline in the number of Catholics in the United States between 2005-2006: 300,000 persons.
Net decline in the number of students in Catholic high schools in the same period: 13,000.
Net decline in the number of students enrolled in religious education programs: 204,000.
Net decline in the number of students at Catholic colleges and universities: 9,000.
Number of times a picture of Archbishop Daniel DiNardo, head of the Galveston-Houston Diocese, appeared in the July 21, 2006 issue of Texas Catholic Herald (total number of pages: 28): nine.
Number of articles in which Archbishop DiNardo’s name is mentioned: nine, including two authored by him, in English and Spanish.
Name of president and publisher of the Texas Catholic Herald: Archbishop Daniel DiNardo.

Source: Texas Catholic Herald, 21 July 2006.

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