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Thank you note

January 2006

Volume XXVI, No. 1

The Sarmatian Review Publication Fund wishes to thank the following individuals and institutions for their donations between July – November 2005:

Ms. Roza Ekimov; Mr. Carl A. Evans and Mrs. Katherine Evans; Mr. Stanley Garczynski; Professor Richard J. Hunter, Jr.; Col. Francis C. Kajencki (U.S. Army, Ret.); Mr. Chester Kurk and Mrs. Krystyna Kurk; Ms. Beata Piasecka; Mr. Andrzej Prokopczuk and Mrs. Ewa K. Prokopczuk; Dr. John T. Radzilowski and Mrs. Katarzyna Radzilowski; Mr. Aleksander Surmaczynski and Dr. Barbara Z. Surmaczynski; Ms. Anya Tish of ANYA TISH GALLERY; Mr. Kenneth W. Walpuck; Ms. Joanne F. Winetzki.

All donations are acknowledged in the Thank You Note. Donors who donate $5,000.00 and more become the Sarmatian Review Sponsors. Such donors will enable us to begin to enlarge and upgrade the format of our journal.

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