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January 2006

Volume XXVI, No. 1

Jolanta W. Best received her doctorate in philosophy from Jagiellonian University. She has taught literature and philosophy at various Texas institutions of higher learning including, at present, the University of Houston.

Romuald K. Byczkiewicz is Adjunct Instructor in History at the Central Connecticut State University.

Roger Cooke is Professor of Mathematics Emeritus at the University of Vermont and a noted Russian translator and interpreter.

Mary Ann Furno did her graduate work at Manhattan College and Adelphi University. She did her postgraduate work in psychoanalysis in the Lenox Hill Hospital Psychotherapy Program in New York City.

Theresa Kurk McGinley is Professor of History at North Harris College in Houston, Texas.

Krzysztof Rak is a graduate of the University of Warsaw. He is the author of Security Policy and the German Armed Forces (1995, in Polish) and of many articles on international affairs.

Adam Zagajewski, a poet and university teacher, received numerous awards and has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature.

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