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About The Sarmatian Review

January 2004

Volume XXIV, No. 1

The Sarmatian Review (ISSN 1059-5872) is a triannual publication of the Polish Institute of Houston. The journal deals with Polish, Central, and Eastern European affairs, and it explores their implications for the United States. We specialize in the translation of documents.Sarmatian Review is indexed in the American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies and in P.A.I.S. International Database available on OCLC FirstSearch.

Subscription price is $15.00 per year for individuals, $21.00 for institutions and libraries ($21.00 for individuals, $27.00 for libraries overseas, air mail). The views expressed by authors of articles do not necessarily represent those of the Editors or of the Polish Institute of Houston. Articles are subject to editing. Unsolicited manuscripts and other materials are not returned unless accompanied by a self-addressed and stamped envelope. Please submit your contribution electronically and send a printout by air mail. Letters to the Editor can be e-mailed to, with an accompanying printout (including return address) sent by air mail. Articles, letters, and subscription checks should be mailed to

The Sarmatian Review, P. O. Box 79119,

Houston, Texas 77279-9119.

The Sarmatian Review retains the copyright for all materials included in print and online issues. Copies for personal or educational use are permitted by section 107 and 108 of the U.S. Copyright Law. Permission to redistribute, republish, or use SR materials in advertising or promotion must be submitted in writing to the Editor.

Editor: Ewa Thompson (Rice University).

Editorial Advisory Committee: Janusz A. Ihnatowicz (University of Saint Thomas), Joseph A.Kotarba (University of Houston), Alex Kurczaba (University of Illinois), Marcus D. Leuchter (Holocaust Museum Houston),Witold J. Lukaszewski (Sam Houston State University), Theresa Kurk McGinley (North Harris College), Michael J. Mikos (University of Wisconsin), Jan Rybicki (Kraków Pedagogical University), Dariusz Skórczewski (Rice University), Tamara Trojanowska (University of Toronto), Piotr Wilczek (University of Silesia).

Copy Editor: Cyndy Brown (Rice University)

Web Pages: Lisa Spiro (Rice University).

Web Address: .

Sarmatian Council: James Burns (Houston), Iga J. Henderson (Houston), Joseph A. Jachimczyk (J. A. Jachimczyk Forensic Center of Harris County, Texas), Marek Kimmel (Rice University), Leonard M. Krazynski (First Honorary Polish Consul in Houston), James R. Thompson (Rice University).

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