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Anthony Bukoski Receives Sarmatian Review Award

January 2003

Volume XXIII, No. 3

We are happy to announce that the Polish Institute of Houston, the publisher of Sarmatian Review whose Web version is distributed by Rice University, has awarded its 2002 Literary Prize in the amount of $1,000.00 to the American Polish writer Anthony Bukoski for his superb ability to transform the lives of ordinary Polish Americans into art of the highest quality.

The plaque commemorating the Prize says the following:


The 2002 Sarmatian Review Literary Award

is given to

Anthony Bukoski

for artistic excellence in presenting the life

of American Polish communities in the Midwest

Anthony Bukoski's response:

I am honored to receive the first Sarmatian Review Literary Prize. Your telephone call with the good news delighted me of course. Since that morning--now that the beautiful commemorative plaque, the check, and your very kind letter have arrived, now that I see firsthand the heartfelt effort you put into this enterprise--I am even more grateful to you, to the Sarmatian Review, and to the Polish Institute of Houston, grateful and deeply touched by your generosity.

Others have influenced the stories this award recognizes. Allow me to acknowledge two of them. For his generosity, I must thank Thomas Napierkowski, Professor of English at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs, who for sixteen years has encouraged me to explore in fiction the lives of American Poles in Superior, Wisconsin. For her great kindness and encouragement, I also thank Kathryn Lang, my editor at Southern Methodist University Press, who, during the decade we have worked together, has valued the Polish-American story, whereas too many other editors, I fear, would have conveniently dismissed that story out of hand. By awarding me The Sarmatian Review Literary Prize, you indirectly honor Kathryn Lang and Professor Napierkowski, who have played such important roles in this story-teller's life.

Please know again how grateful I am to receive this Prize.

Yours truly,

Anthony Bukoski

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