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Expiring subscriptions: alas, we apologize, but "one strike and you are out" rule will apply

We are streamlining our subscription service. Bills and reminders will no longer be enclosed with consecutive issues. They will be mailed separately. We shall be able to afford only ONE notice about expiring subscriptions. If you receive a subscription notice after receiving the current issue of Sarmatian Review, it means that your subscription expired with the current issue or earlier. No further notices will be sent, and no further issues of Sarmatian Review will be dispatched. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated. We also greatly appreciate those subscribers who send in their subscriptions without being reminded to do so.

Publication Series in Polish and Polish-American Studies

The Polish American Historical Association, the Chair of Polish and Polish American Studies at Central Connecticut State University, St. Mary's College, and the Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America will contribute to the financing of a series of books on Polish and Polish-American topics to be published by Ohio University Press. The Series' Editor is John J. Bukowczyk, Professor of History at Wayne State University and author of And My Children Did Not Know Me: A History of the Polish Americans. The series "will recruit manuscripts on Polish immigration and ethnic communities, the country of origin, and its various peoples in history, anthropology, cultural studies, political economy, current politics, and related fields." For further information, contact Prof. John J. Bukowczyk, Department of History, Wayne State University, at (313) 577-2799 or, or Gillian Berchowitz, Senior Editor, Ohio University Press, at (740) 593-1159 or

Rice University ranked 14 out of 2,000 American colleges and universities

U. S. News and World Report rankings of American institutions of higher learning came out in August 1999. The rankings are organized as follows: the top 50; tier 2; tier 3; tier 4. Since Sarmatian Review Online issues from Rice University, we are pleased to report that Rice was ranked (together with Brown and Northwestern) as #14 among the top 50 American colleges and universities. In faculty resourcefulness, Rice ranked even higher, as #6 in the top 50. #1 overall was Cal Tech, #2, Harvard. The rankings can be accessed at

The Pilsudski Institute - Jerzy Lojek Foundation Prizes

Since 1991, the Jerzy Lojek Foundation (established by Danuta J. Cisek and Andrzej M. Cisek in honor of Polish historian Jerzy Lojek) has given yearly awards to Polish periodicals, scholars and writers who distinguished themselves by writing about modern Polish history. In chronological order, the Prize has been awarded to the following: Jedrzej Tucholski, Kazimierz Zamorski, Jaworzniacy: Pismo Zwiazku Wiezniów Politycznych Okresu Stalinowskiego, Grazyna Lipinska, Roman Aftanazy, Zbigniew Herbert, Halina Zakrzewska, Wojciech Ziembinski, Jacek Trznadel, Jan Malicki and Andrzej Nowak.

The Jerzy Lojek Foundation is associated with the Józef Pilsudski Institute in New York.

More Links

Sarmatian Review has recently been linked to the BigEye (, a huge educational and intellectual site which provides links to major world periodicals and news services, in addition to featuring sites on just about everything.

Polish Film Festival in Houston in November 2000

Only eleven months separate us from the Fourth Annual Polish Film Festival in Houston. The Festival's coordinator is Dr. Zbigniew Wojciechowski ( Details will soon be available on the Forum Polonia Page (

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