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Facebook Page

We use our facebook page to post many announcements, events, and interesting news regarding Taiwan.

Facebook Group

Our facebook group is where our members communicate with each other. Many member-organized events are done through this group, such as many of the Rice meet-ups in Taiwan.

Facebook RTA Alumni Group

RTA alumni, stay in touch!

Rice's Asian Cultural Organizations

Taiwanese Student Association

Confused about the difference between RTA and TSA? TSA mostly caters towards international graduate students, whereas RTA focuses more on undergraduates (but with active participation from graduate students, as well).

Hong Kong Student Association

Chinese Student Association

Korean Student Association

Vietnamese Student Association

Japanese Association of Students and Scholars

Global China Connection

South Asian Society

Outside Resources

Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Students Association (ITASA)

Formosan Association of Public Affairs

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Houston

Visit Taiwan