Family System

The family system was introduced in 2011 with great success. We sort our members based on their interest into smaller groups - "families". Each family is led by two family heads, and each family will have its own activities, so that members can connect more intimately with a smaller group of people. One more officer role, Family Vice President, was also introduced in 2012 to oversee the families. We also have inter-family events about once a semester, such as the hugely popular Iron Chef last year. Family heads are also encouraged to collaborate with other families to organize cross-family events.

Families promote more leadership involvement in RTA. But more importantly, families make RTA more FUN! We are very excited to continue this tradition this year, and we hope you are, too! Also, make sure to check out this Thresher article on the debut of our family system!

If you are not yet in a family but would liked to join one, please contact our FVP.

Below are the names and info of the families this year.


Family heads:

Steven Chen and Zaq Mills


Emphasis on spicy food!

7 to 11 Hi-life

Family heads:

Michael Wu and Natcha Sadetaporn


We, Natcha Sadetaporn and Michael Wu, the gorgeous family heads of 7-11 Hi-Life Fam, are pleased to make your acquaintance! Hailing from the lands of "T(h)ai-Squared" - Taiwan and Thailand - and emphasizing "convenience" (ambiguity allows greatest benefit for all), we will exceed all your snack-related needs and expectations with more than a touch of provocativeness. Snack breaks and fantastic opportunities for intimate bonding are a guarantee to our esteemed family members. All members of our family enjoy the highest quality small eats, delicacies, and human interaction.

Comfort. Decadence. Lust Love. (Food) 'Porn.* All the PG-rated companionship your soul could possibly desire. Be excited for the most delicious, tantalizing year of your lives! Hurry up and get down with the coolest fam in town.

*Porn as in Sadetaporn. We know what y'all are thinking, but we are innocent and angelic 0:)

Hot Pot Hunnyz

Family heads:

Steven Tsai and James Yuan


Emphasis on Off Campus activities

Stinky Brofu

Family heads:

Eric Yin and Eric Hsu


Taiwanese culture is best experienced through food. Tofu pudding. Boba. Green onion pancake. Buns. Stinky tofu. Mochi. Fried peppered chicken. If any of these sounds good to you, then you should join the Stinky Brofus family! We are Eric and Eric and we especially love Taiwanese street food. Join us for good food and a good time.

Love, Eric and Eric

Disclaimer 1: contrary to our name, we are not actually bros, nor do we endorse bro culture in any way.

Disclaimer 2: Stinky tofu is not for the faint of heart and we take no responsibility for any deaths / psychological trauma caused by your first encounter with this notorious delicacy

Taiwanna Party

Family heads:

Jeremy Hu and Paul Wu


Good food. Exciting events. Thrilling adventures. Fun times both on and off campus. Unreal get-togethers for everyone who joins Taiwanna Party. Chill hangouts will be had, but so will unforgettable nights. Know that whatever your style is, we have something to offer. Except studying. Don't expect any lame study sessions. Unless "study session" is a code for partying. Point is, we like to not only have a good time, but have fun as a family.