Main Events

RTA hosts a series of events to raise cultural awareness, to provide a soical hub for our members through our interest in Taiwan, and to have fun! We also collaborate frequently with other Asian cultural clubs such as CSA or HKSA. Below are some of the major events we host. For a more detailed schedule, check out our events calendar.

Night Market

Night markets are a big part of Taiwanese culture. Opened from around dinner time till past midnight for night owls like you, night markets are a collection (lots and lots) of food stands, usually spread out over a few blocks of streets. Some night markets also feature various games and shops.

Every year, RTA organizes a campus-wide "night market" event to recreate Taiwan's night markets here on campus. We invite all Asian cultural clubs on campus to provide different types of food, and we also have fun games and activities such as DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) and lantern painting. Check out this Thresher article on our Night Market in 2010!

Restaurant trips

Well, you cannot talk about Taiwan without mentioning its FOOD! As you may know, Taiwan has countless local specialties, including the popular drink bobba (or bubble tea). Many members joined because of their desire to eat every and ALL Taiwanese food, and we say they have made the best decision of their lives!

We host subsidized monthly restaurant trips to Chinatown, so look out for our emails on listserv!

Iron Chef

With the introduction of the family system, we also debuted our biggest inter-family event so far, Iron Chef! Each family prepares a few dishes throughout the afternoon. At dinner time, all families get together to enjoy each other's dishes, and a panel of judges would choose the winner!

Held in fall, Iron Chef helps foster loyalty and camaraderie within each family. It also helps each family get to know each other. And again, there's food, made by our RTA members!

Study breaks

RTA typically offers study breaks during hell weeks or Asian holidays. These study breaks are a chance for our members to get away from their homework, hang out with each other, and enjoy some comfort food.

Our study breaks feature Asian food or snacks, and sometimes fun activities like mahjong - pictured on the right (photo credit to the awesome Michael Apolinario!).

Taiwan meet-ups!

Although RTA does not directly facilitate these meet-ups, our members who are fortunate enough to travel (or return) to Taiwan over summer and winter breaks frequently arrange get-together's through our facebook group. If you are ever in Taiwan and want a place to stay or people to hang out with, just ask in the facebook group and we're pretty sure our members will have you covered.