About RTA

The Rice Taiwanese Association is a non-political undergraduate organization at Rice University dedicated to promoting Taiwanese cultural awareness. In order to offer our members the opportunity to meet other students interested in the Taiwanese culture, RTA sponsors study breaks and other programs for everyone and anyone to learn aspects of Taiwanese history, language, music, and (of course) food. Past study breaks included mahjong, dumplings, brush-painting seminars, shaved ice, red bean soup, and mooncakes. RTA also tries to get the students out and about by organizing and subsidizing restaurant trips to Houston's Chinatown and other outings. These other outings have included going up to UT Austin to meet up with their Taiwanese association and to the Intercollegiate Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Student Association (ITASA) conferences. Please check the events page for more information on upcoming study breaks and restaurant trips.

Because of the importance of the Lunar New Year in Taiwanese culture, RTA sponsors a portion of the Lunar New Year celebration held annually by all the Asian organizations at Rice University. Members participate in this extravaganza through puppet shows, dancing, or costume modeling.