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What is the Rice Student Volunteer Program?

RSVP was established in the fall of 1985 by a group of students who wanted to create a community service liaison between Rice University and the Houston community. Since then, RSVP has taken on various roles in promoting community service. RSVP functions as a programming board that organizes campus-wide service opportunities and awareness programming for the Rice community. RSVP and all of its events are open to all members of the Rice community, as RSVP is a blanket-tax organization whose primary income is from a $2.00 fee collected from each student at the beginning of the year.

To learn about RSVP and this year's programs, come to a weekly meeting on Monday nights at 8:00pm in the RMC Miner Lounge. For more information, contact Cathy Hu or Pooja Yesantharao.

A brief description of the RSVP committees and sample projects for each committee are listed below. In addition to ongoing and one-time projects, each committee hosts an Awareness Month which includes educational programming about their area of service.

  • Children's Committee: Contact Maithili Bagaria or Kathryn Shinn

    Our goal this year is to improve the lives of children in various areas including health, education, child abuse, and general well-being. This academic year, our plan is to volunteer weekly at the Children's Assessment Center and host two large initiatives: Project Pumpkin in the fall and Easter Eggstravaganza in the spring.

  • Education Committee: Contact Brinal Kaul or Henry Bair

    Our goal for the school year is to increase student volunteer involvement in educational programs and use the skills of these student volunteers to educate and inspire local children to pursue higher education through after-school programs.

  • Health Committee: Contact Alan Vu or David Vien

    Our goal this year is to implement and carry out new programs that benefit personal health, such as emotional/mental wellbeing, healthy dining, and personal fitness on campus for the Rice Student body -- all while maintaining service and networking opportunities with health care professionals and organizations in the Houston area. We will sponsor semi-annual blood drives on campus.

  • Environmental Committee: Contact Ellen Diemert or Jackie Li

    To educate and give opportunities for the Rice student body to get involved with environmental activities and become more environmentally conscious. Rice students can further understand their impact on the environment and take action to protect our valuable ecosystems.

  • Hunger and Homelessness Committee: Contact Kalian Shi or Amber Tong

    Our goal this year is to collaborate with on-campus student organizations to increase student awareness and involvement of hunger and homelessness issues. We will be hosting a fasting fundraiser cooking-for-the-homeless competition and an Oxfam Hunger Banquet to allow Rice students to learn more about hunger and homelessness and provide them with more interesting and rewarding volunteering opportunities.

RSVP Mission:

By heightening student awareness, increasing community involvement, and raising social consciousness, we commit ourselves to understanding and meeting the needs of the community through direct, thoughtful action.

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