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Dr. Robert Raphael began his lab in 2001 and since it has grown to include 6 graduate students and 3 undergraduate students.  Two other undergrads recently finished their degrees in Bioengineering and have moved on to medical school and graduate school in Bioengineering.  Congrats Nathan and David (respectively)!

Those of us that remain are hard at work uncovering the mystery behind biological and artifical membranes.  To learn more about individual research projects ... follow the people link.  To learn more about the lab's goals overall ... follow the research link.

From Left:  Nathan Spencer, Emily Glassinger, Jonathan Lee, Louise Organ, Yong Zhou, Imran Quraishi, Jeff Triffo, Jenni Greeson, David Tran

Front:  Dr. Raphael, Pascal and Zoey


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