Rick K. Wilson

Professor - Political Science

Baker Building #200

(713) 348-3352 -- rkw@rice.edu


Ph.D. Indiana University, 1982
M.A. Creighton University, History, 1977
B.A. Creighton University, 1975

Courses Taught

Common Property Resources
Evolutionary Psychology
Scope and Methods
Social Choice
Research Design
Game Theory
Institutional Analysis

Curriculum Vitae

Projects on Social Norms

Katrina Evacuee Project -- September 2005 - July 2006.

Russian Ethnicity and Trust Project -- May-July 2002.

Selected Working Papers

"Social Learning in Coordination Games: Does Status Matter?" (Conference in honor of Ray Battalio 2006)

"Fairness and Ethnicity in the Aftermath of Ethnic Conflict: The Dictator Game in Bosnia-Herzegovina." (2006)

"Anger, Fairness and What’s in the Brain." (2005 Festschrift for Elinor Ostrom)

"Trust in Transitional Societies: Experimental Results from Russia." (APSA 2004)

"Conditional trust: sex, race and facial expressions in a trust game." (2002 Public Choice Meeting)

"Madison at the First Congress: Institutional Design and Lessons from the Continental Congress, 1780-1783." (2001 Madison Conference)

"Brain Activity in the Play of Dominant Strategy and Mixed Strategy Games." (2001 Midwest PSA Meeting)

"Whom to trust? Choice of partner in a trust game." (2000 Tucson ESA Meeting -- Revised 12/20/00)

"Social Learning in a Social Hierarchy: An Experimental Study." (2000 AAAS Meeting)

"The Value of a Smile: Game Theory with a Human Face." (1999 APSA Meeting)

"Why Fairness?: Facial expressions, evolutionary psychology, and the emergence of fairness in simple bargaining games." (1999 Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis -- WOW II Meeting)

" Here's the Party: Group Effects and Partisan Advantage in the US Congress." (1999 Midwest Political Science Association Meeting)

"Leaders, Followers, and the Institutional Problem of Trust." (1999 Sage Foundation)

"Reciprocal Fairness and Social Signaling ..." (1999 AEA Paper)

"Trust and Reciprocity in Sequential Games." (1999 Sage Foundation)

"The Human Face of Game Theory" (1998)

"Partisanship and Electoral Reform: Change in Congressional Cohesion, 1877-1932" (1997 APSA)


Selected Published Papers

  • "The Dictator Game, Fairness and Ethnicity in Postwar Bosnia." 2007. American Journal of Political Science. (forthcoming). With Sam Whitt
  • "Brain Activity in the Play of Dominant Strategy and Mixed Strategy Games." 2006. Political Psychology. 27(3): 459-478. With Randolph Stevenson, and Geoffrey Potts
  • "Judging a Book by Its Cover: Beauty and Expectations in the Trust Game." 2006. Political Research Quarterly 59(2): 189-202. With Catherine C. Eckel.
  • "Internet Cautions." 2006. Experimental Economics 9(1): 53-66.. With Catherine C. Eckel.
  • "Confusion or Fairness in the Field? Rejections in the Ultimatum Game under the Strategy Method." (2006) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. 60(1): 37-54. With Donna Bahry.
  • "Ethnicity and Trust: Evidence from Russia." (2005) American Political Science Review 99(4): 521-32. With Donna P. Bahry, Mikhail Kosolapov and Polina Kozyreva.
  • “Classroom Experiments: Candidate Convergence.” (2005) Southern Economic Journal. 71: 913-922.
  • "Classroom Games: Candidate Convergence." (2005) Southern Economic Journal 71: 913-922
  • “Is Trust a Risky Decision?” (2004). Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. With Catherine C. Eckel.
  • "Conflict, Power and Status in Groups. ." Theories of Small Groups: An Interdisciplinary Perspective. (In Press). With Sell, Jane; Michael J. Lovaglia; Elizabeth A. Mannix, and Charles D. Samuelson.
  • “Investigating Conflict, Power and Status Within and Among Groups.” Small Group Research. (February 2004), 35(1): 44-72. Sell, Jane; Michael J. Lovaglia; Elizabeth A. Mannix, and Charles D. Samuelson.
  • "The Human Face of Game Theory: Trust and Reciprocity in Sequential Games." (2003). In Trust and Reciprocity: Interdisciplinary Conceptual and Empirical Lessons. Elinor Ostrom and James M. Walker (eds.). Sage Foundation. With Catherine Eckel.
  • "Fairness and Rejection in the Ultimatum Bargaining Game." Political Analysis. (Summer 2002). With Catherine C. Eckel and Martin Johnson.
  • "The Value of a Smile: Game Theory with a Human Face." Journal of Economic Psychology.. (2001), 22: 617-640. With Jorn P.Scharlemann, Catherine C. Eckel and Alex Kacelnik.
  • "Transitional Governance in the United States: Lessons from the First Federal Congress." Legislative Studies Quarterly. (November 1999).
  • "The Maintenance of Cooperation: Expectations of Future Interaction and the Trigger of Group Punishment." Social Forces. (June 1999). 77 (4): 1551-1570. With Jane Sell.
  • "Leadership and Credibility in N-person Coordination Games." Journal of Conflict Resolution (December 1997). With Carl M. Rhodes.
  • "'Liar, Liar ...' Cheap Talk and Reputation in Repeated Public Goods Settings." Journal of Conflict Resolution (October 1997), 41: 695-717. With Jane Sell.
  • "Cosponsorship in the United States Congress." Legislative Studies Quarterly (February 1997), 22:25-43. With Cheryl D. Young.

Other things that interest me

Katrina Evacuee Project -- September 2005 - July 2006.

Siberia Expedition -- May-July 2002.

High School Reunion -- June 2001.

Tucson Hike -- October 2000.

A brief vacation while on sabbatical -- October 1999.

How I spent my summer vacation -- 1998.


Curriculum Vitae


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