Campus Observatory Schedule for 2003


If you wish to use the observatory, email to get put on the schedule.


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Five-day Houston Forecast

Visible cloud cover for Texas

IR cloud cover for Texas

60 hour Meteogram

0-7 day Meteogram

8-16 day Meteogram




Sunday, Feb 23rd; 7-10PM Dufour Telescope operation for interested undergraduates.


Tu-Fri, Feb 25-28 7-9PM Astr 201 class (Dufour/Movit)

9-?PM Astr 230 lab (Johns-Krull)





Tu/Wed, Mar 4 & 5 7PM+ open house for P&A Department and Rice administrators (Dufour)

Thurs, Mar 6 & 7 RSI et al. open house (Reiff)

Friday 14 Monday 17 Astr 230 lab (Johns-Krull)

Tues 18 Fri 21 Astr 201(+202?) 7-9pm, then Astr 230 afterwards

Sat 22 Wed 26 Astr 230 lab (Johns-Krull)

Thu 27 Fri 28 Astr 201(+202?) 7-9pm, then Astr 230 afterwards

 Sat 29 -- ??

Sun/Mon 30/31 Astr 201 7-9pm (+Dean), then Astr 230 afterwards




Astr 230 lab except Fridays (open houses)

Special: Saturday, April 26: Dufour and A.C.'s Boy Scout Troop

Anyone who needs to use the observatory should email both and with request.


Open House Schedule

April 4: R. Dufour, 7-9+pm (w/ J. Hoffman assisting)

April 11: P. Hartigan, 8-10+pm (w/ E. Chollet)

April 18: T. Williams, 8-10+pm (W/ Toni Venters))

April 25: P. Reiff, 8-10+pm (+?)


mid-May mid-August


R. Dufour away from Rice most of the time, and C. Johns-Krull will handle local observatory matters.

Check with about availability and equipment and email if you want to get

on this schedule.