Astronomy 221 Spring 2015 Detailed Schedule and Lectures


REMINDER:  You might do well to review the syllabus handed out in the first class and posted here at astr221syl15.pdf…keep this in mind!


Below is a detailed timeline for the lectures and assignments

with due dates for the labs and lecture/stellarium exam.  Any questions are welcome to the prof in class or by email to  Observatory tour if weather permits.


Monday, January 11th: first class meeting (BRK103, 7pm)

-- orientation, handouts, discussion of lab structure via the

syllabus. WELCOME!  Lab 1 handouts given out.


Monday, Jan 19th: MLK holiday, no class and apparently no

Rescheduled later in the semester.  Observing if weather permits.


Monday, Jan 26th :(finally!) a real powerpoint lecture on material in NIGHTWATCH Chs. 1, 2, 3.  Powerpoint is

available as astr221lect1.ppt on website.


Monday, Feb 2nd: lecture on “Stars for all Seasons” (Ch. 4 in NIGHTWATCH) via a powerpoint astr221lect2a.ppt on the ruf website.  Lab 1 observing suspended due to full moon.


Monday Feb 9th : lecture on “The Celestial Sphere” which does not have an explicit chapter in NIGHTWATCH, but the powerpoint is available as astr221lect2b.ppt on the ruf website.


Monday Feb 16th : special lecture/demonstration on STELLARIUM.  No powerpoint available so attendance is



Monday Feb 23rd : lecture on “Telescopes” taken largely from Chaps 5 & 6 in NIGHTWATCH.  Powerpoint will be astr221lect3.ppt .  MOON WEEK: part 2 of first lab must be completed!  (if not done previously)


Monday Mar 2nd : no class – Spring Break – no observing anyway due to full moon.


Monday Mar 9th : lecture “The Solar System” largely from Chaps 7 & 10 in NIGHTWATCH.  Powerpoint will be astr221lect4.ppt .  LAB 1 WRITEUP DUE.


Monday Mar 16th : lecture “Sun & Moon + Eclipses” largely from Chaps 8 & 9 in NIGHTWATCH.  Powerpoint will be astr221lect5.ppt .  EXAM 1 HANDED OUT!


Monday Mar 23rd : Special C8 “go to” telescope demo on 4th floor of Brockman @7pm.  ATTENDANCE ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY

Telescope manual and Lab 2 handed out.  EXAM 1 DUE.


March 24 – April 24: Lab 2 observing (orientations Mar 25th  to Apr 10th; independent group observing afterwards until Apr 24th).  Writeups for Lab 2 need to be electronically submitted by Monday, April 27th.


Notes: Deadlines for turning in Lab 1 and the Exam are absolute; graduating seniors MUST turn in all Lab 2 reports (electronically) by Monday, April 27th!