VoiceWalker Software (For Windows Only)

Click here to download a zip archive containing the VoiceWalker software. Save the file to your hard drive, don't run it remotely.

To set up VoiceWalker:

  1. Create a temporary folder on your hard drive
  2. Use Winzip to extract the three files from the vwalker.zip archive into that temporary folder
  3. Browse to the temporary folder, double-click setup.exe, and follow the instructions on the screen. If the setup program asks you about replacing system files, do not do this. Keep the system files that you currently have on your computer.
  4. Delete the temporary folder and its contents
Setup will have put a VoiceWalker shortcut into the programs group of your start menu.

The best way to learn VoiceWalker is by clicking the buttons and seeing (or hearing) what they do. This is safe, since Voicewalker only plays your audio and video files, it never modifies them. Or, you may read the VoiceWalker Manual first, if you aren't so daring.

The official VoiceWalker site is located at http://www.linguistics.ucsb.edu/projects/transcription/tools

VoiceWalker is Copyright 1998 by the University of California Regents. VoiceWalker documentation is Copyright 2006 by John W. Du Bois. VoiceWalker is free for noncommercial use (as shareware).