Other Art

Other forms of art

Now let's compare the rock art of the Northwestern Native Americans to their art (as in crafts).

The Northwestern Native Americans make very stylized carved animals, big totem poles, carved vessels, figureheads for canoes, and masks. Many of the ideas for their art were not necessarily original ideas. They were possibly imported ideas from the Europeans.

Let's look at some examples: (compare the rock art style to the crafts)

Figure 13:(Wellman, picture C-2)

Figure 14: (Inverarity, plate 47)

Compare the similar styles of the whales in both pictures.

Next look at the eyes of the images. There are numerous examples of eyes in the rock art and the crafts (as said by Hill and Hill and quoted by Wellman: "eyes dominate the petroglyphs of the Northwest Coast, peering at us from the past.") , but I chose just one example:

Figure 15: (Hill, Indian, 102)

Figure 16: (Inverarity, plate 13)

Figure 17: (Inverarity, plate 146)

This image shows a lot of the careful carvins as well as the common themes-a thunderbird holding onto a wolf holding onto a killer whale holding onto a person.