Rice: The Next Century

Report of the Strategic Planning Committee

A Vision for the Next Century


Our vision of Rice in the decade that lies ahead is of a high quality but small and focused university that uniquely combines the best qualities of a residential undergraduate college with the intellectual vitality of a research university. We will retain and build on the institutional values that have served us so well. We will continue to place excellence above all else in the pursuit of our three-fold mission of education, research and service to the community. A dedication to high quality teaching and personal interaction between students and faculty will continue to characterize our educational programs as we strengthen and revise them to better prepare our students to live and work in the twenty-first century. We will use our small size to advantage, ever mindful of the need to carefully select only those initiatives that we can pursue with the highest possible standards. Guided by prudent fiscal management, we envision that Rice will continue to strengthen its competitive position with respect to our ability to attract the best students and faculty from all parts of the nation and the world. We aspire simultaneously to outstanding research and to superb teaching, to scholarly pre-eminence and to the intimacy of a small residential college, to interdisciplinary breadth within the context of robust traditional disciplines, to active engagement with the world "beyond the hedges" and to a life of learning and contemplation within our cloistered quadrangles.


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