Summer Internships for Undergraduates

Biosphere 2 Center

Columbia University

June 7 - August 13, 1999 

Biosphere 2 Center of Columbia University has received funding from NASA’s Mission to Planet Earth Education Program to support 10 undergraduate students during summer 1999. Biosphere 2 is a three-acre, enclosed ecological laboratory for studying the future of planet Earth. It is the only facility of its kind, and includes a rainforest, ocean, savannah, desert and agriculture/forestry area. This internship program offers undergraduates the chance to do research inside the Biosphere 2 facility, as well as at near-by field sites in the Sonoran Desert and Gulf of California. Informal seminars and discussion will emphasize the program theme of Earth Systems Science. The program is open to students who have completed their sophomore year in college or who are near completion of a two-year community college degree. Applicants should have an interest in pursuing a career in the broad area of Earth Systems, including its human components. Minorities, women and students with limited research opportunities at their home institutions are especially encouraged to apply. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

The award of these internships is contingent on the continuation of funding from NASA’s Mission to Planet Earth Education Program. Confirmation of funding will not occur until later this spring, however, we are now accepting applications through March 15.


The stipend is $2500 for a ten-week period. Interns are expected to be in residence for the full ten weeks of the program. In addition, the student will receive free housing at Biosphere 2 Center in Oracle, Arizona. Students who are traveling to Biosphere 2 from further than 200 miles away will be reimbursed for travel costs up to $400. Air travel will be reimbursed based on 21-day advance purchase coach fare up to $400.


Applications must be received by March 15, 1999. Notification of awards will be made by April 1. We intend to select 10 interns and 2 alternates. Further information and application form are available online at http:/// To apply, send the application along with the following material:

  • Official college transcripts
  • One letter of recommendation
  • A resume
  • A statement of interest. Describe how this experience will benefit you and how you expect to use this experience to benefit society at large. The goal of our program is to teach students about the research process and we encourage students with no prior research experience to apply.

Send application materials to:

Nancy Mager
Summer Internship Program
Biosphere 2 Center, Inc.
PO Box 689
Oracle, AZ 85623
The Biosphere 2 Campus is located 30 miles north of Tucson, Arizona and about 5 miles south of
the small town of Oracle. The site is remote from many of the conveniences of regular campus
life, and students should be prepared for life at a field station. Your neighbors will be 9 other
interns, about 50 students in our summer field course, and the wildlife of the desert (javelina,
coyotes, jackrabbits and ring-tailed cats are common sitings).
You will be housed in Our onsite student housing with kitchen facilities.We will schedule two
van-runs per week - one to the supermarket and one to the library at the University of Arizona.
We encourage you to bring a car if at all possible, so that you will be able to pursue off-campus
activities at your own convenience.
There is very limited entertainment provided on site; there is a restaurant, a small swimming pool,
volley ball pit, basketball hoop and a small weight room. However, there is ample opportunity for
student-organized events and exploration of the natural world via foot or bicycle. We hope you
will use this opportunity to experience life in the field, close to the environment you are studying.
1999 Summer Internships for Undergraduates
Biosphere 2 Center/Columbia University
Student Application
For complete application instructions, see our webpage at

Name (last, first, middle): ______________________________________________________________
College/University: ____________________________________________________________________
Major: _______________________________________________________________________________
Class Standing of 3/1/98 (Soph., Jr., Sr.) ______________Expected Graduation Date: _____________
Current Mailing Address: ________________________________________________________________
City: ______________________________________State:____________________ZIP:______________
Phone: ___________________________Fax: __________________email: ________________________
Permanent Address: _____________________________________________________________________
City: _______________________________________State:_____________________ZIP:_____________
Place of Birth: (Country) _______________________
Country of Citizenship (note you MUST be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the U.S. If permanent resident,
supply INS# and attach copy of your residency card):
Social Security Number: _________________________ Date of Birth: ____________________________
In order to determine the degree to which members of the diverse segments of the population are involved in this
program, we request that you provide the following information:
Country of Citizenship: ______________________________
Sex: ___M _______F
Racial Minority: _______NO _____Yes (if yes, please check below)
_____African American _____American Indian
_____Hispanic _____Asian/Pacific Islander _____Other (please specify:

Date: _______________ Signature: _____________________________________________

Mail by March 15, 1999 to:
Nancy Mager
Summer Internship Program
Biosphere 2 Center, Inc.
PO Box 689
Oracle, AZ 85623