Environmental Programs Steering Committee

January 28, 1999

2014 Duncan 9:15-11am


  • Joyce Almaguer
  • Kathy Ensor
  • Arthur Few
  • Paul Harcombe
  • Priscilla Huston (staff)
  • Walter Isle (chair)
  • Bill Leeman
  • Donald Ostdiek
  • Mark Wiesner

Not present:

  • Gordon Wittenberg


1. Meeting dates

Meetings for the Spring 1999 semester (as of 2-8-99) in 2014 Duncan from 9:15-11am unless otherwise noted:

  • Thursday, Feb 4 -- Sciences Division report

    Tuesday, Feb 9 &emdash; Plan for Science and Engineering Deans

    Thursday, Feb 18 &emdash; Review for Deans. Humanities and Social Sciences

    Tuesday, Feb 23 -- Meeting with Dean Burrus and Dean Matthews in Dean of Engineering's Conference Room from 10:30-11:45am

    Thursday, Mar 4

    Thursday, Mar 18

    Thursday, Mar 25

    Thursday, Apr 8

    Thursday, Apr 15

    Thursday, Apr 22

    Thursday, Apr 29

    Thursday, May 6

    Thursday, May 13

    Thursday, May 20


    2. Biosphere 2 Student Update

    We now have three students at Biosphere 2. They are:

  • Somereet Nijjer <somereet@rice.edu>

    Mary Watrous <marymw@owlnet.rice.edu>

    Mary Derr <maryderr@rice.edu>

  • Several other students are considering summer or fall enrollment:

  • Hillary Barelas (Summer 1st session I think)

    Lea Ann Chen

    Anna Miller (Fall 1999 I believe)

    Allegra Legrande (Fall 1999 I believe)


    3. Walter Isle is on sabbatical leave this spring 1999 semester. He has asked Paul Harcombe to help as Deputy Chair when needed.


    4. EPSC committee member replacements needed for next year:

  • Arthur Few

    Bill Leeman

    Mark Wiesner


    5. Financial Issues:

    Environmental Intern: If we want one for next year, we need to define the need and find the money.

    Paul Harcombe reminder us about ADF (?) Call for Proposals for Environmental Science Mini Grants. These are due march 1. Paul Harcombe and Don Ostdiek will write.

    Look for other opportunities such as Houston Endowment, and Pew Trust. Ron Sass knows a local company.


    6. Environmental Intern:

    Paul Harcombe reported that the pilot project is going well. Cost Benefit Analyses will be carried out but are looking questionable at the moment partially due to renegotiated tipping fees. Mark Dittman has been extraordinarily cooperative and supportive.


    7. Courses:

    Walter Isle, Ron Sass, Paul Harcombe, and Randy Hanson have a proposal in to Hewlett for a Freshman seminar based on environmental problem solving. This may leave a gap for upper levels unless someone else proposes a course. We need to look for people who have not been involved but would be interested.


    8. Next week Paul Harcombe and Bill Leeman will address the Natural Sciences Environmental Strategic Planning.


    9. Mark Wiesner with support from Kathy Ensor reported on Environmental Strategic Planning. Although his focus was from the engineering division, he proposed several general principles for consideration with specific suggestions for campus-wide and institute based initiatives. His overheads can be found on our internal website at http://www.ruf.rice.edu/~pjh/epsc/Engroverview-990128.htm.


    10. Discussion of a meeting date with the Deans of Natural Sciences and Engineering was held. Priscilla Huston will check on possible times and dates. Walter Isle will consider opportunities for the committee to communicate with the President and Provost.


    11. The committee was reminded of the full calendar in the next few weeks. A draft calendar is available on our website at http://www.ruf.rice.edu/~pjh/epsc/epsc-calendar.htm.


    Environment related Speakers/Receptions/Meals/etc. in next 10 days:

    Sunday, January 31 -- reception for Bryan Norton at 3:00 PM at the Harcombe residence, 4617 Willow, Bellaire.

    Monday, February 1 -- Lunch at the Faculty Club at 1pm with Bryan Norton. Just show up at 1pm if you would like to join this group. Greg Mikkelson is organizing it.


    Monday, February 1 -- Lecture: "Integrating Science and Ethics in Policies for Sustainable Development" by Bryan Norton, Georgia Tech, School of Public Policy. Sponsored by EEB. The Norton-Callicott seminars are viewed by EEB as a mini-series. (3pm, 123 Biology (Anderson Labs)). Refreshments will be served at 2:30 in Anderson 133A.

    Friday, February 5 -- John Firor Lecture on "Global Climate Change" -- (4pm 1070 Duncan Hall)

    Friday, February 5 -- Environmental Club TG from 4 to 6 p.m. in the Ray Courtyard of the RMC; we are all invited after the Firor talk.

    Friday, February 5 -- Dinner at Faculty Club, 1st Friday, with John Firor. Arthur Few is organizing a table. We each need to make reservations. Arthur will send more details.

    Saturday February 6 -- Judith Jacobson Key Note Address at Environmental Conference "Population Activism for a New Century" (2pm RMC)

    Saturday, February 6 --  Seventh Annual Rice Environmental Conference "How Many is Too Many? Human Population and the Sustainability of Our Planet" Saturday, February 6, 1999 see http://www.ruf.rice.edu/~enviclub/

    February 5-7 -- Rice Women's Conference "Celebrations, Challenges, Possibilities" -- Open to all; Fee is $100 which includes meals. Several events relate to Population issues. One at 10:30am on Saturday "How Many Is Too Many? Women and Population Growth" is co-sponsored with the Environmental Club an on both schedules.

    Monday, February 8 -- Lecture: "Teaching Science, Training Thinkers: Hands-on, Boots-on, Brains-on, In-the-mud-learning" -- Alan Thornhill (4:00 PM, 123 Biology (Anderson Labs))