Environmental Programs Steering Committee
June 16, 1998
Faculty Club 11:45am


  • Priscilla Huston (staff)
  • Walter Isle (chair)
  • Arthur Feu

This meeting was called mainly to connect with Arthur Feu who is only in Houston for a few days this summer. Topics discussed included:


May 11 Meeting with President and Provost:

Walter responded to questions from Art.


May 29 Committee meeting and new members:

See notes.



Currently it roughly appears that we may have:

@$5000 -- in this year's budget (Provost)

@$11,000 -- in Designated Fund (Mark)

@$4,000 -- speakers, etc; Center for Study of Cultures may help too.

Although this should meet our current needs, there is concern about how to plan for the future.



Walter will check with Bill Leeman.



Priscilla Huston reported on meeting with Janice Bordeaux and plan to meet with Paul Harcombe, Walter Isle, Alan Thornhill and Janice. Issues of schedules, approvals, etc. were discussed. CCBN oversaw the independent study project in which Chelsea created a very useful basis for the website. Alan would like to continue to support this on a basis that includes some reimbursement.


Other thoughts:

Undecided question about distribution credit. David Auston has approved as either group I or III but General Announcements indicated University courses can not count.

Need develop for flyer for University Course this fall and get to Mark Sheid

NY Times special section on Biodiversity (Walter, do you know the url?)

In the fall we need to recruit students for Spring Biosphere.

Paul Harcombe and Don Ostdiek plan to discuss a followup to BAKE 302.

Solution for Environmental History course may be through a college.