June 21, 1999


To all Rice Students interested in Biosphere 2:

I want to let you know a little more about the application process. It will be much more efficient if you apply through me, since Bio2 will ask for my recommendation on any Rice applications they receive directly from the applicant. The deadline for applying for Spring 2000 is November 15, 1999.

The items needed for a complete application are as follows:

1. Application form

2. Statement of Interest (250-500 word essay stating why they would like to participate in this program and how they feel it will help them and their future goals)

3. Statement of Good Standing

4. Current Rice transcript.

5. It would also be to your advantage to complete a transfer of credit form for the Rice registrar as you apply.

6. As a Biosphere 2 student, you will be considered part of the Rice Study Abroad Programs. Copies of all materials must be provided to the Study Abroad Office plus any other materials they require. See http://www.ruf.rice.edu/~abroad/require/forms.html on Riceinfo or visit the Study Abroad Office in the RMC.

Some of the forms you need are in this packet or you can find them on the web at the Biosphere 2 site <http://www.Bio2.edu> and the Rice Study Abroad site <http://www.ruf.rice.edu/~abroad/>.

You also need to know that since Rice is a Biosphere 2 Partnership Institution, our agreement with Columbia is that you pay 27% less than the Biosphere/Columbia tuition. This varies from semester to semester. Your total costs to attend Biosphere 2 may be somewhat higher or lower than a semester at Rice depending on the date you first matriculated at Rice and on which optional expenses you select. For a guideline, please see the attached Expense Comparison Table. You will remain eligible for Rice University financial aid and you may also compete for a Volvo Scholarship at Biosphere 2 <http://www.bio2.edu/working/education/volvo_scholarships.htm>. You will be responsible for paying all invoices at Biosphere 2 but may notify the Rice Cashier if you would like your financial aid from Rice to go directly to Columbia rather than to you.

I would be happy to talk with any of you about Biosphere 2. If there are questions, now is the time to ask them. If I cannot answer them, I will work with you and Biosphere 2 to get them. I look forward to hearing from you.

Walter Isle

Chair, Environmental Programs Steering Committee

Professor of English and Environmental Studies

Department of English MS30

Rice University

6100 Main Street

Houston, Texas 77005

Phone: (713) 737-5606

Fax: (713) 285-5991

Email: wwisle@rice.edu