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Beta of Texas, Rice University

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History and organization

The oldest and most prestigious honorary society in the United States, Phi Beta Kappa was established in 1776 at the College of William and Mary. Phi Beta Kappa's goal is to further ongoing learning in the letters, arts and sciences. New members are initiated in recognition of extraordinary academic achievement in the liberal arts and sciences.

Each year Phi Beta Kappa, with its affiliates, raises and distributes over $1,000,000 to benefit student and scholars through programs such as scholarships, lectures, book and essay awards, summer institutes for teachers and funds for visiting scholars.

The Rice University chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, Beta of Texas, was founded in 1929, and is governed by the Chapter Constitution & By-Laws. All resident Rice University faculty, students, and staff who have been initiated by the Beta of Texas or other chapter of Phi Beta Kappa are regarded as General Members of the Beta of Texas chapter. General members are encouraged to attend all meetings. (Please contact the chapter secretary if you are a member of Phi Beta Kappa, but do not find your name below.)

The chapter officers are drawn from the General Membership, and are elected at the Initiation Ceremony every Spring. Please see further information regarding ad hoc committees and the duties of the officers [link forthcoming].

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General Membership

Stephen Baker (Physics, Emeritus)
Randy Batsell (Jones Graduate School)
Philip Bedient (Civil & Environmental Engineering)
Robert Bixby (Computational Mathematics, Emeritus)
Dominic Boyer (Anthropology)
Baruch Brody (Philosophy)
William Camfield (Art & Art History, Emeritus)
Roye Carroll (Political Science)
Robert Cartwright (Computer Science)
Stephanie Cloots (Academic Advising)
Tim Cochran (Mathematics)
Daniel Cohan (Civil & Environmental Engineering)
James Copeland (Linguistics, Emeritus)
Robert Curl (Chemistry, Emeritus)
Gilbert Cuthbertson (Political Science)
Chandler Davidson (Sociology, Emeritus)
Phil Davis (Linguistics, Emeritus)
Sam Davis Jr. (Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Emeritus)
April D. DeConick (Religious Studies)
Andrew Dick (Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science)
Katherine Drew (History, Emerita)
Marc Dudey (Economics)
Bethany Johnson Dylewski (Journal of Southern History)
Paul Engel (Chemistry)
Robert Englebretson (Linguistics)
Bruce Etnyre (Kinesiology)
Justin Esarey (Political Science)
James Faubion (Anthropology)
Joan Ferry (Retired)
Sarah Fischer (Admissions)
Melinda Reagor Flannery (Library)
Robert Flatt (Jones Graduate School)
Jeff Fleming (Jones Graduate School)
Jill Foote (Jones Graduate School)
Robin Forman (Mathematics, Emeritus)
Melissa Gambling (Sponsored Research)
Melissa Glueck (Gulf Coart Consortia)
Bridget Gorman (Sociology)
Richard Grandy (Philosophy)
John Greiner (Computer Science)
Randal Hall (Journal of Southern History)
Nonie Harcombe (Retired)
Robert Hardt (Mathematics)
Janice Hewitt (Center for Engineering Leadership)
Cymene Howe (Anthropology)
Molly Hubbard (University Art)
Dennis Huston (English)
Priscilla Jane Huston (Retired)
John Hutchinson (Chemistry)
Harold Hyman (History, Emeritus)
Frank Jones (Mathematics)
Kerry Keck (Library)
Suzanne Kemmer (Linguistics)
Stephen Klineberg (Sociology)
Mark Kulstad (Philosophy)
Eugene H. Levy (Physics & Astronomy)
Edison Liang (Physics & Astronomy)
Yan P. Lim (Office of the President)
D. Michael Lindsay (Sociology)
Jonathan Z Ludwig (Center for Study of Languages)
Joseph Manca (Art History)
George Marcus (Anthropology)
Lanny W. Martin (Political Science)
Kathleen Matthews (Biochemistry)
Rod McIntosh (Anthropology, Retired)
Susan McIntosh (Anthropology)
Kay McStay (Studies in English Literature)
John Meixner (English, Emeritus)
John Mellor-Crummey (Computer Science)
Helena Michie (English)
Clarence Miller (Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Emeritus)
Julia Morgan (Earth Science)
Colleen Morimoto ((Provost's Office)
Steve H. Murdock (Sociology)
Amy Ninetto (Anthropology)
Von Nguyen (International Students & Scholars)
Barbara Ostdiek (Jones Graduate School)
Kirsten Ostherr (English)
Robert Patten (English)
David Queller (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology)
Caroline Kerrigan Quenemoen (Art History)
Carol Quillen (History)
Judith Roof (English)
Karen R. Rubinsky (Development Services)
Ka-Yiu San (Biomedical Engineering)
Paula Sanders (History)
Ronald Sass (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Emeritus)
Ella Annette Saterbak (Bioengineering)
Meredith Skura (English)
Gordon Smith (Economics, Emeritus)
Charles Stewart (Biochemistry)
Gale Stokes (History, Emeritus)
John Stroup (Religion)
John Michael Stuart (Sponsored Research)
William Symes (Earth Science)
Mary Tobin (English)
Linda Torczon (Computer Science)
Rafael Verduzco (Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering)
Richard Viebig (Jones Graduate School)
James Walker (Biochemistry)
Joe Warren (Computer Science)
Bruce Weisman (Chemistry)
Raymond Wells (Mathematics, Emeritus)
Robert Westbrook (Jones Graduate School)
Martin Wiener (History)
Mark Wiesner (Civil & Environmental Engineering)
Joseph Wilson (German, Emeritus)
Duane Windsor (Jones Graduate School)
Gordon Wittenberg (Architecture)
Harvey Yunis (Spanish)
John H. Zammito (History)
Carissa Zimmerman (Psychology)

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