Phi Beta Kappa
Beta of Texas, Rice University


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When do you select candidates for initiation?
    Candidates are selected in early Spring, with invitation to membership being sent just before Spring break.

  2. How do you contact candidates?
    You will receive a paper packet to your residential college address. Please check your mailbox!

  3. How do you select the candidates?
    A selection committee, composed of Chapter officers and other members in course, review transcripts of graduating undergraduates, using both the Chapter's Selection criteria and calculated GPA as means of selection. We also confirm that the candidates do not have Honor Council or academic probation issues.

  4. What does it cost to join Phi Beta Kappa?
    There is a one-time lifetime membership fee of $65. If payment of this fee is a special burden to you and your family, please contact the Beta of Texas Chapter President. The Chapter has access to limited funds to defray this expense.

  5. How do I get a key?
    The traditional key is one of the most distinctive mark of academic achievement. Keys, and a range of other personal and home accessories with the PBK logo, may be purchased online.

  6. Do you initiate honorary members?
    No. In keeping with Rice University's tradition of not conveying honorary degrees, the Beta of Texas Chapter has chosen not to initiate honorary members to our Chapter.

  7. Do you initiate juniors or graduate students?
    The Beta of Texas Chapter has not initiated juniors or graduate students within the memory of the current officers.

  8. What is the GPA cutoff?
    We cannot give you an exact number. Each year's GPA is a function of the Chapter Selection Criteria, how many students we can invite (10% of the graduating class) ... and our very bright Rice students.

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