Session 2 (01/21)

After 45 minutes of physical movement, the group meets in the recording studio for a brainstorming session.

Motifs begin to float.

The Amazon, the river connected to mythic images and to the unconscious (Gabriela).

The inheritance, a painting collage in a trunk, carried along (Penny).

Light. Layers added and disappeared. How to tell a story with light (Christina).

The object of photography is the angle in space (Chris).

An invisible city created through 3-dimensional sound paintings (DJ Flux).

The emotion of distancing. The journey along orbit, what are the closest points, the farthest points of distance. The slow zoom of telescope (Angeles).

Connection is experiment (Christy)

Dreaming descent. Migration as coming out again (Mycelia).

Bryce Canyon (Donald).

The trans-movement of the body is made possible by the disguise (Johannes).

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