In Norse mythology, Valhalla is a Great Hall where "Odin receives the souls of heroes fallen bravely in battle." In Houston, Valhalla is the Graduate Student Lounge of Rice University, and you don't have to die to get in. You don't need much money either. Staffed totally by volunteers, Valhalla is a not-for-profit organization created in 1970 with the GSA for the purpose of providing Rice graduate students a place to relax and socialize after the daily struggles of graduate study. That's why Valhalla can offer you a broad variety of foods and beverages at the very lowest prices possible!

Valhalla carries sandwiches (freshly made for lunch by Kahn's Deli), sodas, juices, and snacks to keep you going at work. When you're done, we carry a variety of wines and draught and bottled beers to help you mellow out, make friends, and get ready for another day. With your Rice ID, you can write checks up to $30.

From the library entrance, walk northerly (towards Rice Blvd.) until you cross the circle (old Chemistry Building). Walk around to the right of the big stairs and enter through the arched doorway. Behold Valhalla!


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