A new set of photos (January 2012) – Logan, Gavin, Edward/me/Mom/Dad

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Big changes in the Spring of 2007! – Heading out to have babies, going home from the hospital, date night post birth, and the new men in my life! Gavin John and Logan Geoffrey O’Malley, born 3/20/07



Christmas 2004

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Zippin’ around Rice’s campus on my Segway… and Bagel’s ready for the dog park!

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Spring 2004 trip to Napa Valley, Muir Woods (redwood forest)

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A trip to St. John (USVI) to celebrate our 2nd anniversary (August 2003) (at dinner, left, and view from our balcony, right)

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More Bagel pics (from October and November 2003) (left to right, with Maggie and Rosco Samuelson, swimming at the park with unknown friends (Bagel is on the right), and resting after a tough morning of swimming)

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Our new dog, Bagel (born 4/17/03 – we got him in mid-June of 2003)

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A more recent picture of Ed and I… Spring 2003

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Bonefish, caught during honeymoon to Ambergris Caye, Belize, Central America

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Ed and I in Pensacola before the wedding                 The big day!  (August 18, 2001)

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