Letters of Recommendation

I am happy to write letters of recommendation for graduate school, fellowships, internships, business/law/medical school, and also to serve as a reference for students seeking full-time positions.†


Typically, letters are strongest for students who have done well in my class(es) or have worked in my lab as a research assistant.


In order for me to write the letters or agree to be a reference, I need to have advance notice and the following items at least three weeks before the first deadline:

I encourage you to talk to me as you begin the application process. I would be happy to advise on the chances of getting into a particular school or getting a particular fellowship, or on programs that might be of interest to you.


I reserve the right to decline serving as a reference if I feel I donít know you well enough to write an appropriate letter.† Letters are most effective when I know you personally through previous interactions.