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Were you recently invited to join NSCS? Eager to find out more? Explore our site and read the FAQs below to find out about the chapter at Rice University, and visit nscs.org to see the national site and officially register as a member. You’ll need the username and password that came on your membership confirmation card.

Email our chapter president Lauren Hunt (lhunt@rice.edu) or The NSCS National Office (nscs@nscs.org) if you have any questions!

NSCS Frequently Asked Questions

What does NSCS do and why should I join?

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars is not your average honors organization. We encourage academic achievement, but also provide opportunities for members to develop leadership skills, positively impact their campuses and communities, as well as prepare for future endeavors (internship, grad school, career). Along the way, members often make valuable connections that can last a lifetime and make college a more rewarding experience.

How is NSCS different from other honor societies?

NSCS is more than just academic achievement. NSCS gives you the opportunity to develop a well-rounded personality and, as a result, a well-rounded life. We do this by encouraging members to participate in community service and by providing them with professional and personal development opportunities.

What are some specific benefits?

In addition to recognition, networking, career resources, leadership development, and guidance/support relating to social service – members can apply for NSCS-only scholarships and awards, attend special NSCS programs throughout the country, have access to a variety of career and grad school tools others must pay for, and are often courted by recruiters for major employers and graduate schools. In addition, NSCS works to get its members discounts and deals on the stuff they'll need most, like health and car insurance, textbooks, and more

Is this a legitimate organization?

Absolutely. NSCS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1994 on the campus of The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. NSCS is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies and is a recognized organization at more than 225 campuses across the country.

What are the criteria for admittance?

You must be a first- or second-year college student in the top 20 percent of your class and have a GPA of 3.4 or above.

Why the top 20th percentile and 3.4 minimum GPA?

This is the standard set by the Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS). NSCS' Board of Directors and staff believe these to be good predictors of future achievement.

How do I join?

If you meet the GPA and percentile requirements, and you attend one of the 229 colleges and universities at which NSCS is registered, you'll automatically receive an invitation to join.

How was I nominated? How many others from my school were invited?

The registrar of your college or university provided us with your name and those of other students meeting the eligibility requirements. (Note that NSCS is not privy to anyone's specific class standing or GPA.) Because populations vary from school to school, the number of invited students from each varies.

What is the membership fee?

A one-time $75 fee entitling members to a lifetime of access to NSCS resources and services. There are no annual dues on the national or chapter levels.

How is the membership fee used?

Membership fees are used to provide a variety of benefits and services to members. These include funding to the chapter for activities, a personalized diploma and on-campus Induction Convocation, networking and career resources, scholarships, awards, and events (e.g., the annual Leadership Summit and National Convention). The fee also helps offset NSCS' administrative costs. NSCS is a 501(c)3, nonprofit organization, so all income is used for the development and operation of the Society.

What kinds of scholarships does NSCS have?

NSCS understands how difficult it can be to fund an education, so we've made offering scholarships to our members a high priority. These include a $1,000 Merit Award to 50 new members each year, Study Abroad scholarships, four graduate-study scholarships, several program-specific scholarships and much more.

Is NSCS only for freshmen and sophomores? Is it just for undergrads?

Once an NSCS member, always an NSCS member. Students are only able to join in their first- or second-year of college. However, juniors and seniors who joined when they were eligible are still considered to be members and are encouraged to be involved in their chapters. Members who have finished their undergraduate education are also still members - with the same access to exclusive member benefits - although they're often referred to as "alumni."

How many chapters are there?

We have chapters at 229 colleges and universities nationwide, in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. They include The George Washington University, where we were chartered in 1994, Princeton University, the University of California (Los Angeles and Berkeley), the University of Virginia, Howard University, the United States Naval Academy, Rice University, Brigham Young University, and Dartmouth College.

What happens when I join?

The national office, which processes registrations, will send you a confirmation e-mail after you've registered. We will send you a membership diploma, information about benefits and a press release to share with local media to your permanent address by U.S. mail. Additionally, your NSCS chapter officers will contact you to let you know about NSCS activities and services on your campus.

What is the press release I received (or will be receiving)?

A press release is a written, formal announcement of your membership. We encourage you to distribute the release to your local newspapers. Included with the release are instructions for distribution.

What is the Induction Convocation?

The Induction Convocation is a public ceremony that formally recognizes NSCS' newest members. Members not only get their membership pins, the event provides a great opportunity to learn more about NSCS and meet chapter leaders and, typically, a member of the national staff. The chapter also arranges for a keynote speaker from campus or the local community. Family and guests are welcome to attend the one-hour ceremony.

Do I have to attend the Induction Convocation?

It's not required, but highly recommended as a way to familiarize yourself with – and begin taking advantage of – what NSCS offers.

How involved do I have to be?

The more you're involved with NSCS, the more fulfilling your college experience - and the years beyond it - can be. However, there is no minimum time commitment.

Should I put my NSCS membership on a resume? Is it something people are going to recognize?

Yes, we encourage you to list your membership on your resume. NSCS has a nationwide network of partners, including universities, corporations, associations, and nonprofits. NSCS is well recognized among these and many other companies and institutions.

Why are all the contacts in the invitation letter students?

NSCS is a student-run organization, so all NSCS officers are students. Each chapter has a Chapter Advisor (an on-campus faculty member or administrator) who oversees the chapter.

What does the Chapter Advisor do?

He or she advises the officers on leadership and other matters and acts as the chapter's liaison and advocate to the administration. He or she also plays an integral role in planning and executing your fall Induction Convocation and in the annual membership invitation season.