Past Events

Andrew Miller--"Reading Thoughts: Casuistry, the Display of Thinking, and Victorian Perfectionism," September 2002

Ginger Frost--"'The Black Lamb of the Black Sheep': Illegitimacy in the English Working Class, 1850-1939," January 2003

Mary Ann O'Farrell--"Jane Austen's Mafia," Spring 2003

Rebecca Stern--"Brinks Jobs: Servants, Thresholds, and Portable Property," March 2004

Louise Penner--"Defending Home and Country: Florence Nightingale's Training of Domestic Detectives," March 2004

Adrienne Munich--"Diamonds, Scrambled Humanity, and Middle-class Fables: South African Domestic Novels," March 2004

James Epstein--"Politics of Colonial Sensation: The Trial of Thomas Picton and the Cause of Louisa Calderon," Spring 2004

Tracy Davis--"Dramatic License; or, Hissing Tinker Bell," April 2004

VSS Conference: "This Year in Victorian Studies at Rice," May 2004

Leah Price--"Reader's Block," November 2005

Disciplinary Flashpoints: Conversations between History and Literature, (Visiting Speakers: Jerome Christensen, James Epstein, Elizabeth Helsinger, Dane Kennedy, and Lara Kriegel), April 2005

Seth Koven--"An Archival Love Story: The Match Girl and the Heiress in early 20th century Britain," April 2006

Jonathan Grossman--"Now and Meantime: International Connections in Little Dorrit," November 2006

Poetry in the Age of the Novel

Samuel Baker--"Written on the Water: British Romanticism and the Maritime Empire of
Culture," November 2007

James Buzard--”Narrative, Interruption, and Autoethnography,” March 2008

Food studies meetings on the Victorian Literature and Culture Special Issue and Mrs. Beeton--October 2008, January 2009

Teresa Mangum--”The Guests Who Wouldn’t Leave,” March 2009