Marek Behr

Mechanical Eng., Rice University

Cell deformation models for application to hemolysis in medical devices


Cecilia Clementi

Chemistry, Rice University

Anatoly Kolomeisky

Chemistry, Rice University

Translocation of polymers and biopolymers in nanopores


Fred MacKintosh

Physics and Astronomy, Vrije Universeitat

Collapse of semiflexible molecules in bad solvent


Richard Smalley

Chemistry, Rice University

Solution behavior of Single-Walled NanoTubes in superacids


Chris Wiggins

Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics, Columbia University

Stochastic models of nearly rigid polymers


Michael Wong

Chemical Eng., Rice University

Solution and flow behavior of polymer nanoparticles


Kyriacos Zykourakis

Chemical Eng., Rice University

Detailed single-cell mechanics models