Yeah, it's true--many of the clubs at Rice can get a bit repetitive. Some of them put on activities and festivals that are amazing, but they happen maybe once or twice a semester. And since these organizations do the same thing every year, they don't evolve to meet the changing lifestyles of students, nor do they provide an exciting, dynamic environment on a daily basis. So let us introduce you to a club that involves daily interaction, but only if you want it that way. You're probably thinking--yeah, like I have time to meet everyday. The best part is that you can interact whenever you want. This is the first club at Rice that is completely online. So whether you like to get up early in the morning or stay up to watch the sunrise, it doesn't matter.

All interaction occurs online, there are no gimmicks here--we're not going to promise you free Taco Cabana which will disappear two minutes into the meeting anyway. So, since we want you to join, we must tell you what our club is about. It's plain and simple: we're about the financial world. If you don't care about the financial world or if that term sounds more boring than an Al Gore campaign speech, then think of it this way--the most basic, but clearly the most motivating reason to study the financial markets is to make money investing. If you have a more sincere purpose, then we're all for it too; we just want to basically accomplish two things here:
1) to educate people about what goes on at Wall Street
2) to create a network in which people who want to talk about the market are able to.

Not only do we educate people about the markets, but we put you to the test--we will have a stock market game every month for ROIC members - the first one starts on March 1st - at least this way, you have a reason to watch the markets even if you don't have any real money on the line. You know that with so many people investing their money, even if it might just be in government bonds--you're going to have to understand this stuff someday (anything's better than sticking all your money in the bank to get a nickel of interest a year). So get moving and register at this site--be a part of ROIC, receive some free analysis on the market, and if you are really into this stuff, be a part of our team, which does fundamental and technical analysis. The more you get involved, the more you'll learn.