Programming Windows Mobile devices with Visual Studio 2005: I


Lin Zhong


1. File-->New-->Project

Project types: Visual C++-->Smart device

Templates:     MFC Smart device Application

Name: Whatever

Location: Whatever


Click OK


2. A dialog window shows up (Welcome to the MFC Smart Device Application Wizard)


Platform: Select desired SDK, Smartphone 2003, Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone, Pocket PC 2003, etc. It depends on what SDKs you have installed. Choose the one compatible with your mobile device. Can select multiple.

Application Type: Dialog based, Use MFC in a static library

User Interface Features: Menus only

Advanced Features: Windows sockets

Generated classes:  C*Dlg (* is your project name)


Click Finish


3. Design the interface as you will


Useful book (Get it from Lin)

Useful link:

Important note: Pocket PCs have touch-screen while Smartphones do not. As a result, their user interfaces are very different. The book has a chapter on this issue.