ELEC518/COMP518: Energy Efficiency in Modern Systems

Advanced topics
Energy as System Resource Managed by Operating System

General Readings
Modern Operating System (first three chapters)
Principles of Computer System Design: An Introduction (first five chapters)

Energy Measurement
PowerScope: a tool for profiling the energy usage of mobile applications (WMCSA'99))
Energy Metering for Free: Augmenting Switching Regulators for Real-Time Monitoring (IPSN'08)
Sesame: self-constructive energy modeling for battery-powered mobile systems (Technical Report'10)

Energy Attribution
The Case for Event-Driven Energy Accounting (Technical Report 2001)
Quanto: Tracking Energy in Networked Embedded Systems (OSDI'08)
Into the wild: Studying real user activity patterns to guide power optimizations for mobile architectures (MICRO'09)

Energy Control
ECOSystem: managing energy as a first class operating system resource (ASPLOS'02)
Currentcy: A unifying abstraction for expressing energy management policies (USENIX'03)
Apprehending Joule thieves with Cinder (MobiHeld'09) (Extended version as technical report)

Energy Optimization
Energy-aware adaptation for mobile applications (SOSP'99)
Real-time dynamic voltage scaling for low-power embedded operating systems (SOSP'01)
Energy-efficient soft real-time CPU scheduling for mobile multimedia systems (SOSP'01)
Ghosts in the machine: interfaces for better power management (MobiSys'04)
Integrating concurrency control and energy management in device drivers (SOSP'07)