ELEC518/COMP518: Energy Efficiency in Modern Systems

Advanced topics

HW2: Netbook teardown

Your task is to carefully disassemble a netbook as much as you can and assemble it back to be functional.

When the netbook is disassembled, you need to identify the following hardware components, photograph them, find out their vendors and datasheets (as much as you can), and describe their functions in the system.

  • Display subsystems: backlight, LCD panel, LCD driver chip
  • Core chipset (CPU, memory, graphics etc.)
  • Chips for wireless interfaces
  • Power regulators
  • Chips for the storage system

You are allowed to use the Internet or whatever resources and discuss with your team members; but information exchange between the two teams is not allowed.

Grading Policy

You will be graded based on the completeness and correctness of the identified components. Moreover, you will receive deduction if the netbook malfunctions or has cosmetic problems. (50% grade deduction if the netbook malfunctions; 10% deduction for each cosmetic problem.)