ELEC424/COMP424: Mobile & Embedded Systems

Lin Zhong, lzhong AT rice.edu; Office: DH3046
Office hours: TR 4:00-5:00pm, or by appointment
Google Calendar

TR 10:50am-12:05pm; MEL 254

Makeup lectures: 7 to 8:20pm on 10/07, 10/27, and 11/24, DH1049

Teaching Assistants

Abeer Javed and Jie Liao

Help Sessions

Thursday 5 to 6pm Abercrombie A141

  • Assignment:10%
  • Participation: 10%
  • Labs: 40%
  • In class quiz: 20%
  • Competition: 20%
Late Labs

Late labs will be discounted by 10% per day late (so the maximum score after 48 hours past the deadline is 0.9*0.9*0.9 = 72.9%.

This holds UPTILL the end of the 4th day (i.e. after 96 hours), after which the lab will no longer be accepted and you will receive a 0 for the assignment.

Late labs should be emailed directly to both TAs.

If you have a legitimate excuse preventing you from turning in your lab on time, you must email us at least 3 days before the lab due date and we will try our best to fairly judge whether your excuse actually warranties extra time.


All lab assignments are due at 11:55PM on the due date, unless otherwise specified, and should be submitted via their corresponding assignment in Owlspace.

Questions about the labs should be posted on the forum for all students to benefit and labbies will answer questions there.

Please do not send personal emails regarding lab questions.

Sharing Code

Inter-team discussions about labs are fine and encouraged. Sharing actual code segments is, however, prohibited. as is copying large segments of code from online sources (except where directed to by the lab).

Equipment Damage

The lab vehicle (crazyflie) could get damaged. Motor/blade/battery damage that can be repaired with replacement is free (We do have spare parts). Electrical or mechanical damage to the board that is repaired by the responsible team is also free. A team lose 3% (out of the 70% for lab and projeect) for each board replacement needed.

Final Grade

Grading will not be based on a forced distribution. All receiving 95 or more will be graded as A+; 90 to 94 A; 85 to 89 A-; 80 to 84 B+; 75 to 79 B; 70 to 74 B-; 65 to 69 C+; 60 to 64 C; 55 to 59 C-; 50 to 54 D+; 45 to 49 D; 40 to 44 D-; <40 F.

Major Changes from Fall 2013
  • Final compeition will replace both final competition and final project
  • Each team will have two students
  • There will be more labs
  • We will use 10DOF crazyflie (with altimeter and compass), instead of 6DOF ones
ADA Syllabus Statement

Any student with a documented disability needing academic adjustments or accommodations is requested to speak with me during the first two weeks of class. All discussions will remain confidential. Students with disabilities will need to also contact Disability Support Services in the Allen Center.

Any student with a disability requiring accommodations in this course is encouraged to contact me after class or during office hours. Additionally, students will need to contact Disability Support Services in the Allen Center.

If you have a documented disability that will impact your work in this class, please contact me to discuss your needs. Additionally, you will need to register with the Disability Support Services Office in the Allen Center