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WinCool (aka the Next Big Thing in Wireless)

This year, we are challenging the community to show us their latest, coolest, chair-rocking and mind-blowing innovation in an operational demonstration. Go beyond the theoretical limitations and shed off the numerous assumptions about wireless system and present an operational prototype that has the potential to revolutionize wireless networking. Innovations can be at any layer, from physical to application. However, we particularly encourage innovations that span over multiple layers. The innovations must have wireless networking as its key topic. The demo must be presented live, i.e. a presentation of a demo (powerpoint, video, etc) only is not allowed. Also, we emphasize that the demo contest is not a forum to display commercial products. The demo contest will be judged by a panel from industry and academia based on the technical merit and relevance to the workshop. The winners will take home cash prices and bragging rights to award-winning research demonstrators:
  • $ 2500 for the top winner
  • $ 1500 for the second place
  • $ 1000 for the third place
The extended abstract of the accepted demonstrations will be published in the workshop proceedings and will be available at the ACM digital library.

Instruction for Demonstration Preparation can be found here.

The price money for the Demo Contest is sponsored by the following companies. We would like to express our gratitude for the generous donations!

!!! WinCool Contest Winners !!!

First Place:

Machine Learning for Physical Layer Link Adaptation in Multiple-Antenna Wireless Networks by Robert C. Daniels, Ketan Mandke, Steven W. Peters, Scott M. Nettles, and Robert W. Heath, Jr. (The University of Texas at Austin, USA)

Second Place:

Multi-User MIMO Testbed by Peter Luethi, Markus Wenk, Wolfgang Fichtner, and Helmut B÷lcskei (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

Third Place:

A Demonstration of Video over a Cooperative PHY layer Protocol by Shashi Raj Singh, Ehtesham Akhtar Siddiqui, Thanasis Korakis, Pei Liu,  and Shivendra S. Panwar (Polytechnic Institute of NYU and IIT Kanpur)