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Metabolic Engineering and Biomanufacturing Laboratory


Metabolic Engineering

Metabolic Engineering and Synthetic Biology

Metabolic engineering and synthetic biology are emerging disciplines that enable the design and engineering of biological systems for a wide range of applications. In this area, our laboratory has pioneered the engineering of glycerol fermentation and metabolism of waste fatty acids for the synthesis of fuels and chemicals and the development of a functional reversal of the β-oxidation cycle as an efficient platform for the synthesis of longer-chain (C ≥ 4) products. [Read More]

Metabolic Engineering

Systems Biology of Microbial and Cellular Metabolism

Metabolism is a complex system that encompasses all biochemical reactions and processes that occur in living organisms along with their interaction and regulation. Our incomplete knowledge of metabolism greatly limits our ability to engineer biological systems. To address this issue, our laboratory engages in fundamental studies that contribute to the creation of the knowledge base required for the effective engineering of metabolism. [Read More]